Training as a magician may sound like an awkward idea but is indeed one of the best ideas. In the current era, it is the odd jobs that have great returns. You will be remunerated handsomely for performing for a few hours. This can never compare with sitting in an office for hours each and every day. It also gives you the freedom to deal with different clients. This means that you can have several active contracts at the same time. This may not be possible with other jobs.

Once you have completed training as a magician, you will get the certification that shows that you have successfully gone through all the training stages. These certificates were not considered to be important some years ago. However, with the increased number of magicians, it is becoming necessary to ascertain that one has gone through the necessary training. You do not want to have regrettable incidences during your event simply because you trusted someone blindly. The certificate gives the client the confidence that they are hiring a well trained and qualified magician who needs not be guided through their performances.

Weddings are joyful events by nature. As a wedding magician you need to ensure that this joy is not lost. You need to choose your performances wisely. You may also have to consider that weddings are attended by all types of people. There will be children, adults and elderly ones. All these groups of people should be entertained by your performance. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and involved and a performance is something that will definitely catch their attention. Make it entertaining and memorable.

It’s necessary that you keep your time when performing in weddings. Have short performances that will take minimal time. It is better having many short performances than having one long performance. With short stunts, you can even break before your performance session has come to a close to allow other events to take place. Your audience will not feel lost and may not even feel like there was a break in your performance.

Once you have crafted a name for your expertise, you will be in a position to have constant charges based on the time taken and the audience entertained. This may be impossible as a beginner but as people get to know about your performance they will be looking for you to perform in their weddings. Having the costs determined makes it easy to negotiate with clients. Most of these clients are looking for affordable magicians. They will thus be comparing different magicians in a bid to settle on the one who gives them favorable packages. You thus need to know what other magicians are charging. This can be an hourly rate or a package fee. Either way ensure that you are within the range. Too low or too high costs may cost you many potential clients. You need to win the heart of clients not just with your performances but also with your pricing.